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Be cool. Be warm. Be loved.


Embrace yourself with an elegant, soft, long and wide, beautifully draping handmade shawl / wrap / scarf knitted from 100% natural linen that comes from my home country, Lithuania.


Pair it with any look and style you like - your creativity is your guide. It is a perfect accessory to everyday wear and special occasions.


Compliment yourself with the optimal wear for the summer as it will protect your body from the hot sun, as well as will subtly warm you during chilly summer evenings, giving you a comfortable micro-climate for your skin all day long.


Be cool. Be warm. Be loved.


Mille Abbracci

Made with Love


PS Note: this item has been created with no intention to be replicated. While it is a unique peace, you still may inquire for a similar design, which, depending on availability of materials, can be produced as a very limited edition. 

Stole / Wrap / Shawl

SKU: HB1008
199,00 €Price
  • Product: hand made

    Material:100% natural linen 

    Colour: bright green

    Note: The colours may vary from the colour on your screen due to different computer monitor settings.


    Approximate Dimensions:

    • Length: 201 cm, 79,1 inches
    • Width: 60cm, 23,6 inches
    • Note: the garment may stretch a little to the length or to the width (4%-8% acc. yarn manufacturer)
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