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A brand does not need to be well known.

A brand needs to be easy to understand.

Mille Abbracci in Italian means thousand hugs.

Mille Abbracci stands for coolness, warmth and love.

It is an embrace – big, warm, comforting embrace filled with love for your protection, self-confidence and beauty.

Mille Abbracci is about a mindful buyer - it is time to stop.

Time to stop buying today and throwing away tomorrow.

Time to stop buying poor quality garments that fall apart after the first wash.

Time to stop buying in bulk items that cost nothing to produce – nothing, but someone’s poorly rewarded labour.

Buy what agrees with your heart and serves your mood, your character, your aspirations.

Buy what supports others - Mille Abbracci strives to offer a proper reward to those who put hearts in their creation.

Choose the garment that suits you best to compliment your beauty.

Choose what will stay with you and warm your heart for the years to come.

Be cool. Be warm. Be loved.

Mille Abbracci

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